Zakary is shooting artists and people for nearly 20 years.

Based in Paris, Zakary is a French photographer who is internationally renowned for his work with world class performers and celebrities in the US, in Europe, and most recently in Asia. Since 1999, he has rapidly gained worldwide fame for his work with artists and performers, and also for his unique and stunning portraits.
Zakary is an astonishing character. He was born in eastern France. He’s lived in Northern Africa for 6 years. He’s worked in Paris for 25 years and several years between USA, Hong-Kong, Macau, Japan and Taiwan — and these cultures have deeply influenced him.
The richness, the depth, and the tribulations he’s experienced along his journeys, combined with his adventurous childhood, inspire his creativity and strengthen his character.
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What people who work with Zakary say about him?

Shooting my show is like trying to shoot an invisible ball at a tennis match, Zakary is able to see that ball, He is the only photographer I trust to shoot my show in the USA, or anywhere else.

Jean-Francois Detaille

Extreme Art performer (USA)
Zakary is an insanely wonderful artist and photographer. The subjects of his photographs are turned into gods or demons–or both. Since Zakary himself is also both a god and a demon, this is entirely appropriate.

Richard Kaufman

Publisher & Magazine (USA)
Zakary, you are weird and crazy but so talented and professional. I love you. Both your work and you.

Lu Chen

TV Host & Performer (China)
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